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Are you currently in this situation:

  • Xero account set up over two years?
  • Unsure about your financial data?
  • Wish for more efficient bookkeeping?

Time for a review & refresh! We are offering a limited-time free Xero file review to help companies, partnerships and trusts gain back control of their finances.

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How we can help

Specialised Xero Health Check Services

Bookkeeping plays a vital role in ensuring your business success. Poor quality bookkeeping results in poor quality information, which can lead to bad decision making.

We specialise in bringing order to financial chaos. Our expert team will conduct a thorough examination of your Xero account, identifying areas of improvement and ensuring your financial records are in tip-top condition.

How it works

Xero Health Check in 4 easy steps


Enquire online

The first step is to fill out an enquiry form. We gather some basic contact information so we can get in touch, introduce ourselves and answer any questions you might have.

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Xero access

You give us authority to access your Xero file. Don't worry, we'll show you how to add Procure as a user. Your data is safe with us. We promise you the strictest of confidentiality and privacy. 

When the health check is over, we'll show you how to remove us from your account.


Xero health check

We identify errors in your Xero file and bookkeeping setup. 

Our aim is to ensure that your bookkeeping is tax compliant, accurate and efficient. This step typically takes around ten days from the time we gain access.



We provide a detailed written report of our findings during your booked 15-minute phone call. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about our findings.

We're also here to provide ongoing support, advice and training as needed.

Get the most out of Xero, helping you make better data-driven business decisions.

Get a professional diagnosis within 10 business days.

Why get a Xero Health Check?

From figuring out unmatched bank statements to reconciliation discrepancies, the Xero Health Check allows you to fix errors in no time, with help from professional accountants every step of the way.


  • Difference in Statement Balance and Balance in Xero
  • Errors in settings
  • GST coding mistakes
  • Chart of Accounts coding issues
  • Review Xero set up
  • Profit and Loss showing incorrect/inaccurate figures
  • Review Charts of Accounts
  • Transaction Coding issues
  • GST review of the account transactions for the current financial year
  • Review of payroll setup
  • Detailed Report of findings and recommendation

Save yourselves time and headaches and book the Xero Health Check now


  • Tony Hurst | Managing Director
    Martha from Procure Accounting has looked after my bookkeeping for the last four years and never had a problem. I highly recommend them for taking away all my bookkeeping worries.
    Tony Hurst | Managing Director
    East West Grab Hire
  • Gearoid | Director
    Procure Accounting has been a massive help for the last number of years providing a service that has helped me as a director assistant in ongoing weekly and long-term accounting, this service and reliability has given me the extra time to focus on growing my business with great effect.
    Gearoid | Director
    G Meade Pty Ltd
  • Grant Copley | Managing Director
    We are thrilled with the level of service Procure Accounting is providing us. We only recently joined Procure as a client but came with some complicated issues to sort out. All of them were handled professionally and with fantastic communication. Procure has been able to help us identify areas to make our business more efficient. We expect a long and beneficial relationship and recommend Procure and the team for any business.
    Grant Copley | Managing Director
    Select Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • Gerard Veltre | Artistic Director
    Procure Accounting has provided responsible and secure accounting services and business support to Phunktional Arts (Ltd) for over 4 years.
    Gerard Veltre | Artistic Director
    Phunktional Arts


Frequently Asked Questions

1Why is this Xero Health Check FREE? Why are you offering this?
For a limited time, Procure Business Services offer the Xero Health Check service for companies, partnerships, sole traders and trusts with no strings attached. Unlike other accounting firms that charge up to $2,000 for a similar Xero Health Check service, we believe in providing this valuable service for free.

Why? It's just our way to keep the business local and giving back to the Australian small business community. We genuinely care about supporting small business like yours, and this complimentary Xero file review is our contribution to helping you succeed. You and your business will have the advantage to reduce the need of costly accountant fixes and minimise the bill at the end of the financial year. Take advantage of this limited time opportunity and let us assist you in keeping your accounting file in top shape.
2Why do I need a Xero Health Check?
A Xero Health Check is crucial for uncovering hidden bookkeeping errors that may be negatively impacting your finances. During the check, we will identify any errors, duplications, and omissions in your records and ensure that you are correctly claiming the appropriate amount of GST on your expenses.

By conducting a thorough assessment of your Xero setup, we can help optimise your financial operations and potentially save you money. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights - book your Xero Health Check today.
3What do you review during a health check?
During a Xero Health Check, we thoroughly review and provide reports on the following key areas:

Chart of accounts: We examine the structure and organisation of your accounts to ensure they align with your business needs.

Bank feeds: We assess the integration of your bank accounts with Xero to verify accurate and up-to-date transaction data.

Transaction coding: We review how transactions are categorised and coded, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your financial records.

Bank rules: We evaluate the set of rules that automate transaction categorisation, helping to streamline your bookkeeping processes.

Debtor and creditor management: We analise your accounts receivable and accounts payable processes, identifying areas for improvement in managing customer and supplier transactions.

Settings: We examine various settings within Xero to ensure they are appropriately configured for your business requirements.

Payroll set up: If applicable, we assess your payroll settings and configuration, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and accurate employee compensation.
4Who needs Xero Health Check?
- You don’t know how much you can afford to pay yourself
- You’re not sure you’ve set aside enough money to cover taxes
- You’ve been making changes to your Xero setup and not sure you got it right
- You’re not confident that your Chart of Accounts is set up properly
- You’re nervous making business decisions because you can’t trust your financial data
- You wish your bookkeeping was less time-consuming
- You wonder what Xero add-ons and automations you’re missing out on
- Your accountant charges you extra to clean up your Xero file at tax time
- You’re not sure that you’re coding expenses properly
- You dread the thought of doing your bookkeeping
- Your books are generally in a mess
- It’s been more than 12 months since a Xero expert thoroughly reviewed your Xero file